David Bellamy Gold Award 2015/16

We are very pleased and proud to announce that for the forth year we have received the David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award.

What is the David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award?

The David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme is one of the longest running green tourism awards in the UK. The idea of the scheme was first sown when David Bellamy gave a talk to members of the camping, caravanning and holiday home park industry in which he gave the audience members a challenge to be part of the environmental solution and not part of the problem. David was then invited to visit many parks and was amazed at the wide range of work that the most forward-thinking owners were doing for the environment.

David was so impressed that a partnership was formed between the Conservation Foundation (the environmental organisation that David co-founded to help businesses get involved in conservation) and the British Holiday & Home Parks Association to set up an award scheme.


What we do at Beech Croft Farm to be awarded this award?

Here is a list of a few of the things we carry out at Beech Croft that ensures we receive this award, each year we work with David Bellamy and his team to see what we can improve on….

  • We have LED/low level lighting around the site and advise visitors to bring torches during their stay.
  • Our tent pitches are on a card metered system- our visitors only pay for what they use and for this reason it makes them more aware of electricity wastage.
  • Place recycling bins around the park. We also use a local company ‘Peak Waste’ and all of the waste that goes to them is sorted individually (We provide their leaflet in our notice board explaining this)
  • We leave areas of the park that are not open to visitors un-managed to encourage wildlife.
  • We have push button taps in the showers and sinks to prevent water wastage. Plugs are provided in all of the sinks for our visitors to use.
  • We have made a Butterfly Garden by the entrance to the park, and planted flowers and plants that attract Butterflies and we also find that this encourages lots of Bees too, which is great.
  • We have put up bat and owl boxes around the park.
  • We have bird feeders around the park- see how many different wild birds you can spot whilst you stay with us.
  • Bug-ingham palace…. We visited The Chestnut Center back in March 2014 and saw they had done this and we thought it was a brilliant idea. We have collected old pallets and filled them with twigs, foliage, stones etc. Lots of little bugs will love to live here.
  • We provide a bus timetable in our Notice Board and we have them available in reception to encourage our visitors to use the bus service.
  • All of our cleaning products are Eco friendly. We also sell Eco friendly washing up liquid and toilet fluids in our small shop.

To find out more please visit: www.bellamyparks.co.uk

D B Gold