Defibrillator at Beech Croft Farm

We have a new arrival at Beech Croft Farm….

It isn’t just a shiny, newly refurbished red telephone box. It houses life saving equipment.

We have purchased a defibrillator for the use of anyone within our local area as our closest defibrillator is over 3 miles a way.

The most effective treatment for a person who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest is the combined administration of CPR and the use of a defibrillator. A defibrillator will deliver an electrical shock to stop the hearts irregular rhythm and allow the hearts natural pacemaker to restart the natural rhythm.

Ambulances have them on board, but using a defibrillator in the minutes before an ambulance arrives can double someones chances of survival.

The defibrillator is coded so you don’t need us to let you use it. You call 999 and they will inform you of the location of your nearest defibrillator and give you the code.

We do hope that the defibrillator is never used, but, if it is then we hope that with this purchase- we can help save lives!!